I'm currently a UX/Product Designer at Hatching Lab, where I help entrepreneurs, startups and brands create mobile & web experiences.

During my time here I’ve built a responsive website to establish the Hatching Lab brand, mission, services and generate project leads. Helped motivate people to become more active with Fitfox. Made it easier for travellers & backpackers to connect with each other while discovering new places with Tipi. And helped many other entrepreneurs realise their ideas for new products & services.

Where to next?

I want to work on solutions to big problems that millions of people face everyday. 

Join a large team of designers and engineers working within a finance, health or tech related company/organisation.

Or help a pioneering startup focused on AR, VR, Wearables, The Internet of Things or Big Data.

I want to improve peoples lives through great design & technology.

Side projects

  • I'm currently developing a UX course for beginners. It's my way of giving back to the amazing design community that I’m a part of, and a resource I wished I had when I started.
  • Technical co-founder of a SaaS product for the health industry. We should have a MVP ready by end of 2015.
  • Creating experimental projects that combine VR (Oculus DK2) and motion sensing technology (LeapMotion) for human-computer interaction.
  • I've been learning how to use Xcode so that I can not only design but also build & release my own apps.
  • Practicing writing about ux, design, technology and lessons learned. I will be publishing my articles soon on Medium.


This is my story about the journey I took to become the designer I am today. Now let me take you back to the begining.

I was incredibly fascinated about how things worked as a kid. One christmas morning I was determined to find out how my remote control car worked so I took to it with a hammer which sent bits of circuit board, resistors and plastic flying in all directions. I was amazed at what I found, and this started my interest in electronics.


Pocket money would always be spent at the local Tandy Electronics store on resistors, transistors, reference manuals and project kits. I loved learning about how electronics worked and that you could combine the components in different configurations to get unlimited results.

Cartoons were a morning ritual, eating cereal while watching TMNT, Thundercats, Transformers, He-Man and the Jetsons. This started my passion for drawing where I would spend every afternoon drawing my favourite cartoons characters in various poses and scenes.


Lego is amazing! My brother and I used to spend countless hours building all sorts of things, only limited by our imaginations. Later I found out about their Technics range which then allowed me to add movement and light to my creations.


After high school I studied at SAE in their first multimedia program, here I was introduced to the Macromedia suite of software and fell in love with Flash 4. I spent many late nights experimenting with Flash, tweaking variables and functions to create interactive toys. My Flash heroes where people like Joshua Davis, Yugop Nakamura, James Paterson and Brendan Dawes. I loved how Joshua Davis would post up his flash project files .FLAs which I would then decontruct and learn from.

My first design job was as a web designer at a dotcom software development company called EdgeMatrix where I worked on a Flash SMS Gateway solution for Optus and a video streaming project for Heineken using Director. This job came to an abrupt halt after 8 months, when half the company was made redundant one Monday morning. I was 19 and had now experienced the feeling of redundancy, what a great start to my career :)


I then joined Gruden as a web designer where I led the design on projects for Sony Ericsson and Custom Content. 6 months after I started, Gruden ran into financial problems and they decided to make me redundant - again :)

My next job was a Senior Interactive Designer at OneMedia that rebranded as OneDigital (which was then purchased by the Aegis Group). I spent the next 2.5 years refining my craft here and learning new skills while working with an amazing selection of clients such as Dior, Nestle, Milo, Purina, Globus, Ebay, Centrebet, Microsoft, Atari, Hoyts, MBF, HSBC and Sydney Ferries. A big thank you to my Creative Director and mentor Owen Lansbury for helping me develop as a designer during this time. But all good things come to an end - this time on my terms.


My next leap would be into the most amazing opportunity as a Regional Visual Designer at Sulake, the creators of Habbo an online virtual world for over 250 million teens. After completing a pixel design test project for HQ, the next week I was on a flight to Helsinki, Finland to start training with the HQ Design Team!

Over the course of the next 1.5 years I was thrown into the deep end managing all creative output across print, online and tvc platforms for all of the Habbo web properties within the Asia Pacific Region which included; Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Japan. 

I started to hit a plateau with my work, and being hungry for something more challenging I proposed the idea of joining the HQ Design Team as a remote team member. After a visit to Helsinki to discuss the idea with both the Global Marketing Director and Creative Director, they agreed to a 3 month trial to see if the process would work.

The next 5 years were amazing! I spent 4-6 weeks in Helsinki each year for face-to-face time with the Design Team with the rest of the year spent working remotely. I had the opportunity to travel to Japan to train and mentor their junior designer. I also trained and mentored a junior designer for the APAC office. I was the creative lead for in-game branded experiences for Addidas, Disney, MTV Europe, Kellogg's, Cheetos, Streets Paddlepop and Boost Mobile. 

In early 2011 things started to change for Sulake which would result in closures and merging of many of the global Habbo web properties and almost a third of the global staff were made redundant. It was an extremely sad day when Sulake Australia closed it’s doors and also the end of an amazing chapter of my life. 


For the next year I would find myself working as a Lead UX & Visual Designer at Posse, a social recommendations startup. They had an extremely talented team of individuals and the best engineering team I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

These were exciting and challenging times as I was responsible for product strategy, user research, wire framing, user interface design, prototyping, visual design and testing. I learnt an amazing amount during my time at Posse under the direction and mentoring of Alex North (ex Google). We achieved an incredible amount in such a short time that resulted in a successful launch and growth of Posse’s mobile and web product.


I then worked as a contractor for Sakura Sky, where I led the redesign of the music platform for Sony Music Australia, provided user experience consultation for the WDS website redesign and helped revise the user experience and visual design for the Fancied app.

Next move was to Hatching Lab where I'm currently leading the UX & Product Design across all projects.